Cathy's Whim - Hurricane Harvey & Jewish Houston

As I sit hear listening to the rain, I can’t help but think of our friends in Texas. The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey is mounting by the day and flooding in many areas may exceed four feet by the time the storm ends. Houston is underwater and still being inundated with rain. I’m sure we have all seen pictures over the past few days that have touched our hearts and saddened our spirit. It is during moments like this you may think “What can I do to help?”

I’m inspired that during some of the darkest times, we experience the warm, embracing light of our worldwide Jewish family. As I write this, a team of volunteers from IsraAID are en route to Houston to provide emergency assistance and begin relief efforts. Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) has been in contact with all Federations in the path of the storm. They have established a national fund to help those afflicted. They have also helped the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston set up their own fundraising webpage. In addition, several Federations across the U.S. have vowed to help Houston recover through grants and local fundraising.

The Jewish community and Israel are often the first to respond during times of need. During Israeli Consul General Dani Dayan’s visit to Dayton this past Monday, he expressed the following sentiment ~ whether it is because of a hurricane in the U.S., a massive earthquake in Nepal, or a typhoon in the Philippines, our worldwide Jewish family is there to lend a helping hand and help residents recover.

If you would like to help those devastated by Hurricane Harvey, please click here to make a donation. Your generosity just may be the light that helps a victim of the storm overcome this terrible tragedy.

Click here to learn more about how this storm has affected the Jewish community.

- Cathy

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