Shaken By The Smell, Unnerved By The Day: Samantha Dubrinsky From the Birminham Federation Reports From Ukraine

This week, we share a story from our Jewish brothers and sisters at the Birmingham Federation. Over the years, our Federations have developed a strong bond, and we are honored to help spread the message regarding what is currently going on in Ukraine. Below, Richard Friedman, Executive Director of the Birmingham Jewish Federation shares his personal connection to Dayton and our mutual support for both our Jewish communities.

Diving into a World of Jewish Reading with PJ Library

Everyone has a favorite childhood book. Whether it was the playful illustrations or the imaginative story, most can pinpoint a book they still hold dear, even into adulthood. But what about your favorite Jewish children's book? Nationally funded by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, and locally supported by Marcia and Ed Kress, PJ Library works with our Jewish Federation to provide Jewish children's books for free to local families who are raising Jewish children. Their aim?

A Bigger Slice of the Pie for Small Businesses in Israel

Like a lot of kids, brothers Yossi and Dor Ben Yishai dreamed about pizza. As adults, that dream transformed into owning their own pizzeria. With the help of Federation partner The Jewish Agency for Israel and its Small Business Loan Fund, they opened opened a successful Italian restaurant in the largest mall in Be’er Sheva. But during Operation Protective Edge, everything changed. Here’s Yossi’s story.

Siren after siren. Rocket after rocket. In the summer of 2014, everyone in Be’er Sheva was a target for terror.