Falling In Love with Israel, Economically

"I'd never been to Israel before, I'm 58 years old now, I was 57 when I went. I said to myself, 'I'm long overdue', I really want to go. I may or may not go after this, but I really want to go", recalled Steve Renas, a retired forensic economist professor from Wright State University, with a PHD in forensic economy from Georgia State University. Steve and Aileen Adams visited Israel for the first time this past fall, and became connected to the region in a way he'd never thought he would.

Jewish Federations and the Joint Distribution Committee Send Ongoing Aid to Nepal

Following the deadly earthquake that struck Nepal in late April, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) is providing relief and medical supplies – including shelter, nutritional items, sanitation, and water – for survivors of the tremor that killed at least 2,200 and injured 5,800. JDC will once again partner with Israeli Defense Forces field hospital in Napalese capital Kathmandu through the provision of equipment, including neonatal incubators. JDC previously partnered with the field hospital in Philippines, Haiti, Sri Lanka, and Japan.


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