A Bigger Slice of the Pie for Small Businesses in Israel

Like a lot of kids, brothers Yossi and Dor Ben Yishai dreamed about pizza. As adults, that dream transformed into owning their own pizzeria. With the help of Federation partner The Jewish Agency for Israel and its Small Business Loan Fund, they opened opened a successful Italian restaurant in the largest mall in Be’er Sheva. But during Operation Protective Edge, everything changed. Here’s Yossi’s story.

Siren after siren. Rocket after rocket. In the summer of 2014, everyone in Be’er Sheva was a target for terror.

Jewish Festivals Foster Pride, Learning Experiences

As we look forward to celebrating at Temple Israel's Jewish Cultural Festival, we're reminded how much celebrating Judasim brings people together. Not only does it provide a safe environment to explore our own Jewish culture and heritage, it also promotes learning and exploration for an entire community. In Hungary, the Joint Distribution Committee sponsors Judafest. In Dayton, we have Temple Israel's Jewish Cultural Festival. Though separated by continents, the overall goals tie directly into Tikkun Olam. Did you know that Budapest is also one of Dayton's Partnership2Gether regions?

Displaced Again, One Woman Struggles to Survive in Ukraine

As a teenager during World War II, Aza and her mother fled to Central Asia after the Nazis invaded her native Ukraine and her father was killed on the front lines. Even when it was considered safe enough to return, mother and daughter stayed away. With their hometown destroyed, they had nothing to go back to. Instead, they settled in the eastern Ukrainian city of Slavyansk, now caught in the crosshairs of a country in crisis.