Film Fest: Persona Non Grata

  • 15 May, 2017
  • 6:00 PM
  • JCC

Monday, May 15 @ 6PM Reception @ K12 Gallery & TEJAS (341 S. Jefferson St., Dayton 45402)

7:15PM @ The Neon (130 E 5th St., Dayton 45402)

2015 | 139 minutes | Japanese & English | Feature Film

Persona Non Grata (Sugihara Chiune) shows us, life or death for desperate Jews often came down to a piece of paper stamped “visa” and the policy — or whims — of the embassy or consulate that issued it. One such stamper was Chiune Sugihara, the Japanese vice-consul in Kaunas, Lithuania, who issued transit visas from July 18 to Aug. 28, 1940, and saved an estimated 6,000 Jewish lives. By doing this good deed Sugihara defied not only instructions from his superiors in Tokyo, who did not want impoverished Jews descending on Japan; but also the foreign policy of the Japanese government, which had allied itself with the Nazis. In fact, his act of mercy went against the grain of the rule-stickling, responsibility-avoiding Japanese bureaucracy, then and now.

Join us before the film for a reception at K12 Gallery & TEJAS  where the 2017 Max and Lydia May Memorial Holocaust Art an Writing Exhibition will be displayed. 

Adult: $9
Student: $8
Season Pass: $75

Registration Date: 
Monday, May 15, 2017