The Seeds Project

A Jewish Youth Experience
Subsidizing and Enhancing Experiences for Dayton Students

The Jewish Federation of Greater Dayton invites you to apply for up to $500
to send your child [K – 12] to a Jewish program.

What makes the the Seeds Project special?
  • This program is open to all K-12 students in the the Miami Valley.
  • It is NOT needs based. This is for any and all income levels.
  • The programs you can get subsidies for can be located anywhere in the world.
  • The application process is super easy and fast.
  • Money is paid directly to the program of your choice.
What is the criteria/eligibility for funding?

For a student to receive subsidies through this program, they must be a member of one of the following groups in the Miami Valley:

  • PJ Library / PJ Our Way (K-6)
  • Hillel Academy Jewish Day School and Jewish High School
    Programs (K – 12)
  • Miami Valley Jewish Youth Groups
  • Temple and Synagogue Religious School as students or student teachers (K – 12)

We understand that there are always exceptions to every rule. For that reason, we have an advisory panel to review individual applications when necessary.

What programs can the subsidy be used for?

The following criteria have been established. Approved programs must:

  • Be primarily or exclusively for Jewish youth
  • Incorporate a Jewish experience (religious or cultural)
  • Occur within the calendar year that money is requested
  • Be run by a nonprofit, Jewish-led organization that:
    • has been in business a minimum of three years
    • is in good financial standing
    • Signs an MOU, which includes an agreement to return funds if not used

We understand that there are always exceptions to every rule. Considerations will be given to programs that demonstrate a Jewish experience.

When should I apply?  When will decisions be made?
  • Applications open on January 1 of every calendar year. However, you can apply at any time during the year as long as funds are available.
  • When can the money be used? What is the cut off date?
    • The program runs from January 1 to December 31 annually. 
    • You must apply for subsidies in the same year that the money will be used.  Money will be paid by JFGD directly to the program for which it is to be used.
  • How much money can be requested?
    • A minimum of $100 per request; maximum of $500 per year.
How often can you apply for a subsidy and must money all be requested at the same time if for multiple programs?
  • You can apply to receive funds for as many programs as you would like but are limited to receive no more than a total of $500 per year. 
Can one family receive funds for multiple children?
  • Yes, the program is set up so that as many children as possible receive subsidies. We do not take into consideration if the child has siblings or not. 
What other funds could I apply for?

There are several scholarships available through individual endowments. Below is a list of scholarships that can be used for specific programs.

  • Residential Camp Scholarship
  • Wolfe Marcus Trust Youth Travel to Israel Scholarship

Click here to get more information on scholarships

Can the money be used if I receive other subsidies?
  • Yes, as long as there is still a balance due for the program. You should first apply for scholarships or support from that organization, this program is to supplement any costs not covered by the program.  
  • These funds cannot be used for expenses that are not directly paid to the program.

Seeds Project Application

Applications completed by the 15th of the month will be processed
and funds distributed within 10 business days.

*required field

Why was the project started?
  • In 2017, the Jewish Federation of Greater Dayton launched the community-wide visioning project, Jewish Dayton Dreams Big. This project is helping to shape and direct our Jewish community over the next 20 years. By “Dreaming Big”, the Federation will help the Jewish community identify the challenges, opportunities, goals, and strategies to maintain and grow a vibrant Jewish community within the Dayton region. The “big” idea for the SEEDS program came out of this project.
  • The program was refined by a study on the PJ Library and another of Jewish summer camps which showed that individuals who are engaged and participate in Jewish programs as youth maintain their involvement in the Jewish community as adults. 
  • We believe that by encouraging and supporting continued involvement in Jewish Programs, our Jewish community will continue for generations to come. 

What people are saying 

“I grew up spending my summers hanging out at the JCC. The opportunities afforded to me helped me to develop lifelong Jewish friends and created within me  a passion and connection to Judaism. Ensuring my children and others have these same opportunities is one of the reasons I strongly support the SEEDS Project.”

— Dr. Heath Gilbert, Past President JFGD Board of Directors 

“Seeds: A Jewish Youth Experience — reflects the high priority the Federation places on encouraging Jewish families to immerse their children in Jewish learning and social experiences.

The input we’ve received is that it’s expensive to raise children Jewishly, and we can serve as the power of the collective in philanthropy to put our money where it’s most needed.”

— Cathy Gardner, Jewish Federation CEO 

“The statement the Federation makes in ensuring this money exists is that we’re investing in our youth. To have this money to use for identity formation, it’s great. I’m proud to see that our Jewish community is making that happen.”

— Rabbi Tina Sobo, Associate Rabbi
     Epstein Family Director of Education

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