Jewish Family Services

Jewish Family Services (JFS) is a social service agency, available to anyone who lives in the Miami Valley whether Jewish or not. Our services are offered regardless of age to meet the needs of those we serve whom are often invisible to the community-at-large. JFS exists as a Jewish response to those who feel grief, isolation, overwhelmed, frustrated, heart-ache, lost, alone, or confused. We respond to the needs of the community with kindness, compassion, respect, and expertise. JFS meets people where they are, both emotionally and physically, bringing our services wherever they are needed, including into the community and into people’s homes. We connect our clients to vital resources to offer help over both the short and long term. Jewish Family Services is open during business hours, Monday through Friday, at the Jewish Federation of Greater Dayton.

Jewish Family Services is open during business hours, Monday through Friday, at the Jewish Federation of Greater Dayton.

Jewish Family Services Mission

Guided by Jewish traditions, Jewish Family Services (JFS) of Greater Dayton provides individuals and families within the Miami Valley with the tools and services to lead happy and healthy lives.

Give to the JFS Friends Drive

Jewish Family Services would like to thank our LIFE & LEGACY donors for their support. Your legacy gift will allow JFS to respond to those in need and connect Jews to the services and vital resources. Please click here to view our LIFE & LEGACY 2018 donor list.

Who is eligible for services?

Anyone, regardless of age or religion, may contact us to receive guidance and support from our staff.

To get started, call the Jewish Federation of Greater Dayton (JFGD) at 937-610-1555. You will be directed to a member of the JFS team to discuss what needs you or a family member have. Once you have spoken with a JFS employee, you may be asked to make an appointment to visit our social worker in the office or the social worker may make an appointment to come visit you in your home or elsewhere in the community. We will meet with you where you are comfortable.

Social Services

The majority of Jewish Family Services’ services and programs fall under two categories, Information & Referral or Case Management.
In some ways, Information & Referral and Case Management are similar. In both instances, JFS helps a client efficiently and effectively navigate the maze of resources in the community.

› INFORMATION & REFERRAL – JFS provides a client with resources and then the client follows up and makes connections. There is not necessarily ongoing contact between the individual and JFS.

› CASE MANAGEMENT– When a client requires more in-depth supports, JFS helps make connections to appropriate resources and remains in close contact with the client regarding: advocacy; needs assessments; living arrangement evaluation and planning; friendly visits; telephone reassurance; transportation services; Medicare counseling; and, specific financial assistance.

The graphic below may better illustrate the similarities and differences between Information & Referral and Case Management.

A member of the community calls, indicating that he/she or a family member feels isolated/lonely.

JFS can assist by providing the individual with the names of various community programs.

JFS researches various community programs that may be appropriate and assists the client with making connections. In addition, JFS provides ongoing support via home visits or telephone calls. If an individual is a case management client of JFS, he/she may qualify to utilize our transportation services (fees apply in regards to transportation).

An individual is looking to downsize or clean out a residence.

JFS can provide the individual with information regarding options for donating various items, the names of various vendors who assist with downsizing, and/or the names of various vendors who assist with moving and transitioning from a larger residence to a smaller residence or independent/assisted/nursing facility.

The individual may be downsizing and/or moving because of a significant life change, perhaps the loss of a loved one, or some other change in circumstances. JFS, via a needs assessment, can assist the individual by making recommendations regarding potential living arrangement options; advocating and assisting with navigating various benefits and agencies; remaining in contact with the individual and providing emotional and clinical supports; and, if necessary, referring the individual to counseling services with partner agencies.

An individual is experiencing financial hardship.

JFS can provide limited financial support in specific situations. However, JFS can speak with an individual experiencing financial difficulties and refer the individual to various community resources.

JFS may assist the individual by helping apply for various benefits such as cash assistance and food stamps; reviewing the budget and making recommendations; referring to financial counseling with a partner agency; and, if eligible, in an emergency situation, providing limited financial assistance.

Community Resources

There are numerous community organizations that provide vital supports to the Miami Valley. Follow this link to some key resources that may be useful.

Partner Agencies
Jewish Family Services of Greater Dayton is an official partner of Sharsheret. Sharsheret, Hebrew for chain, is the only national organization supporting Jewish women and families, of all backgrounds, facing breast and ovarian cancer—those who are diagnosed and those at high risk.

Do you have a loved one(s) who lives in a different city or state and you are looking to connect to a Jewish Family Services agency in that location? This is a useful tool.

Miami Valley Resources
This 24/7 helpline is a great resource to locate non-profit programs and services in the Miami Valley, including but not limited to daycares, services for the aging, financial and emergency assistance, mental health resources and more.

This site is an information-only resource for public & non-profit transportation in the Miami Valley.

The organization matches seniors and their caregivers with the proper services to make their lives easier.

Provides free legal information, advice, and referral for residents of Ohio age 60 and over, regardless of income or resources.

The Ohio Department of Insurance provides Medicare beneficiaries with free, objective health insurance information and one-on-one counseling through its Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program (OSHIIP).

Alzheimer’s Association Miami Valley

Mental Health Resources

Click here for a list of more resources and information on trauma

Montgomery County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services


Citilookout Trauma Recovery Center

Eastway Behavioral Health Care

Family Services

Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley Behavioral Health Services

Miami Valley Warm Line

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Montgomery County Ohio

Ohio Department of Aging Staying Connected Check-In Services

Samaritan Behavioral Health CrisisCare

South Community, Inc.

TCN Behavioral Health


Active Adults
Handyman Services
Holiday Outreach
Mitzvah Missions
Real Life/Real Resources
Scholarships & Student Loans
Specific Assistance
Transportation Services
Jewish Family Services Director

Tara Feiner

Phone: 937-401-1546
Email: TFeiner@jfgd.net

LIFE & LEGACY Testimonial – Shay & Zeke Hellquisth

As a former Jewish Family Services of Greater Dayton employee, I know first hand about how important their work is. Jewish Family Services takes care of everyone, regardless of sex, religion, sexual preference, age, and the list continues.

Celebrating the Holidays with Family

What is your favorite Jewish holiday? What is your favorite memory? Is it hearing the blast of the shofar on Rosh Hashanah? Is it feeling the warmth of the lit candles of the menorah and the smell of latkes frying during Chanukah?

JFS Says L’Chaim…TO LIFE!

In 2014, Jewish Family Services (JFS) started a new program, L’Chaim, a now annual event that highlights different ways that we can each remain vibrant, active and engaged as we age.

Community Resources for Those Who Need Help Following the Tornadoes

In the days immediately following the tornadoes and severe weather that devastated parts of our community, Jewish Family Services has been checking on its clients – either by phone or in person when no one answered calls

JewishDayton Update Regarding the Tornado

Find out how you can get involved and help our community.

JFS Goes to Camp

When someone mentions Jewish Family Services, what comes to mind? If you thought, “seniors,” you are not alone. While the majority of JFS clients are seniors, young adults and young families also use our services.

It All Starts With You

Did you know that there are over twenty (20!) passion-driven committees that directly affect programing and services you can get involved with through the Jewish Federation of Greater Dayton and its Agencies?

Jewish Family Services of Greater Dayton Holiday Outreach

JFS, its Advisory Board members, and committee members travel all around the Miami Valley to deliver holiday bags to isolated seniors and those who live in continuum of care facilities.

Jewish Family Services of Greater Dayton Transportation Services

Some of us might remember the song “The People in Your Neighborhood” from Sesame Street. Who are the people in your neighborhood? Quite possibly, they are our JFS drivers!

Volunteers Keep the Miami Valley Strong

On the surface, our mission – Guided by Jewish traditions, Jewish Family Services of Greater Dayton provides individuals and families within the Miami Valley with the tools and services to lead a happy and healthy life – emphasizes who we serve, individuals and families in the Miami Valley.

Contact Jewish Family Services

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