JCC Early Childhood Care & Education

The JCC’s Early Childhood Care & Education at the Boonshoft CJCE in Centerville offers facilities especially designed for the young child. Through sensitive direction from qualified professional teachers and low teacher to child ratios, children develop their unique personalities and learn respect and consideration for others of all backgrounds.

Learning opportunities and materials are provided for each child to help stimulate thinking, develop creativity and increase communication skills.

The Jewish component of the program imparts to all children opportunities to appreciate the positive values of Judaism at an early, impressionable age.

What makes us different?

– Judaics: We incorporate Jewish values into daily routines and weekly lesson plans in order to encourage all children to appreciate the positive values of Judaism at an early, impressionable age.

– Teacher to Child ratios: Low teacher to child ratios ensures a harmonious classroom experience

– Continuity of Care: Children are transitioned to the next age appropriate classroom either at the end of the school year in early summer, or at the beginning of the school year in the fall. This creates a continuous class that grows and learns together, fostering friendships and classroom/teacher consistency early on.

– Electronic lesson plans: Every week, we provide parents with a weekly lesson plan via email tailored to their child’s classroom experiences for the coming week. This fosters meaningful conversations and prompts discussions about the day’s activity, so learning can continue at home.

Curriculum Goals

– To promote positive self-concept

– To respect individuality

– To encourage the development of each child’s full potential

– To promote health, physical growth, and motor development

– To develop self-expression in art, music, dance, and drama

– To broaden horizons

– To help children observe, investigate, seek, acquire information, and think critically.

Weekly Lesson Plans

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Infant Room (Malachim/Angels) 6 weeks to 18 months

Our nurturing environment has a 1:3 ratio of caregiver to babies. It is our philosophy that children’s earliest experiences create who they are and what they are to become. Parents trust their little ones to our dedicated and experienced staff.


Our learning philosophy is play-based, encouraging students learn through hands-on projects and experiences. This provides students with the opportunity to learn while having fun. We prepare our children for Kindergarten beginning when they are toddlers by linking lesson plans to the Early Learning Content standards from the State of Ohio.
We offer age appropriate learning as children develop their unique personalities. Your child has the option of attending two, three, or five days per week for a half or full day. Preschool hours are from 9AM-12:30PM, Monday – Friday.

*While our rooms are grouped by ages, children are also grouped together by assessment/skill level and space available.

What if my child needs care outside of Preschool hours?

Our Preschool has two options for children who require care outside the hours of Preschool:

Extended Care
For the Preschool families who need a consistent, all-day experience, Extended Care covers the timeframe of 7:30AM to 6PM. Extended Care is the best option for families who have set schedules and need an all-day option on a regular basis throughout the week.

Play Care
For the Preschool families whose needs are primarily covered by regular Preschool hours, but might on occasion need extra care coverage. Play care is available on an as-needed/as-available basis between the following time frames: 7:30AM-9AM and 12:30PM-6PM. Play care is a great option for families who don’t need an all day experience every day, but occasionally benefit from some flexibility within their child’s schedule.

Enrichment Classes

Offered Monday – Friday after Preschool for children ages three through five. Specialists lead classes for fun and skills in art, dance, music, gym, science, sports, and cooking.

K Club (Gan/Hebrew word for Kindergarten) For Kindergartners,

An energetic program designed as an after-school program for morning kindergartners. We offer daily enrichment classes to enhance the academics your child learns at school. Transportation from select local public schools may be provided.

Sample Daily Schedule

Early Childhood Director

Audrey Mackenzie

Phone: 937-853-0373

Email: AMackenzie@jfgd.net

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