Make Dayton your home! We have a warm, vibrant Jewish community. There are lots of reasons to move here…check out this video for more information!

Need more convincing that Dayton is a great place to live?  Check out our top 10:

  1. Dayton is one of the one of the top 10 most affordable cities to live.
  2. Dayton has one of the nation’s largest paved trail networks – our metroparks are great!
  3. Dayton is the adventure capital of the Midwest.
  4. Dayton and western Ohio offer a perfect blend of affordability, job opportunities and more.
  5. The Dayton region is one of the most hikable areas in the country.
  6. The Dayton region has a suburb ranked best place to live in Ohio. And downtown Dayton is booming!
  7. The Dayton region has a vast array of higher education options.
  8. The Dayton region is the forerunner to the SIlicon Valley.
  9. Dayton, Ohio has changed the world.
  10. Dayton, Ohio is one of the best places to explore the arts and culture.

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JewishDayton COVID 19 : Community Event Updates

JewishDayton COVID 19 : Community Event Updates

In the midst of a rapidly evolving COVID19 situation within the Miami Valley and across the United States, we as an organization are taking all of the steps outlined by the State of Ohio and the Montgomery County Department of Health in order to both prevent the community spread of the virus and support containment efforts.

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Cathy’s WHIM – #Dayton Strong

Cathy’s WHIM – #Dayton Strong

Our city of Dayton has been inundated with an unprecedented amount of challenges in the past months. This weekend, the pain that has recently been felt in Pittsburgh, in Gilroy, and in El Paso, came to Dayton and it has impacted us all.

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By Rabbi Levi Simon Chabad of Greater Dayton On Shavuot, this year on May 25-27, Jews around the world commemorate the monumental event of the Giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai. However, the significance of this event reaches far beyond the past; it is an experience that is relived The post Lessons from Mount Sinai appeared first on The Dayton Jewish Observer. [...]

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