Rabbi David Sofian


  • Jewish religion and culture
    • Calendar and holidays
    • Aspects of the Hebrew Bible
    • Rabbinic Judaism
    • Theology
    • Philosophy
  • Israel and Zionism
  • Torah Study (midrash)
  • Interfaith Relationships (particularly Jewish/Christian)


  • D.D.; Rabbi Emeritus at Temple Israel

Books published

  • N/A

Previous Lecture Titles

  • “Everything you ever wanted to know about Judaism (But W“Why I am a Zionist and choose to live in Israel. Who were Herzl and Ahad Ha-am?”
  • “Judaism and Christianity are theologically competitive. What does this mean for Jewish/ Christian relations?”
  • “Entry into the World to Come- how this teaches us about rabbinic values.”
  • “The rhythms of the Jewish calendar.”
  • “Theology and the Holocaust- Richard Rubenstein and Emil Fackenheim.”
  • “Interpreting the Torah Portion of the week through the lens of its Haftarah.”

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