I am personally experiencing a plethora of emotions since October 7th that I haven’t really felt previously.  If I’m feeling this way, then I would think many of you are as well. In reading the news I often feel despair, anger, fear, and hopelessness. However, each day I look at what actions are possible, both personally and professionally, in order to advocate for the safety and survival of the Jewish people.

As a Jewish Federation, we have taken some impactful actions on a local and national level including an immediate solidarity rally, the launch of a successful Israel Emergency Campaign, and participation in the national March for Israel. However, there is still significant work to be done. I am buoyed by the wisdom of the Rabbi Tarfon, from the Pirkei Avot who said “… the day is short and the work is plentiful… it is not your duty to finish the work, but neither are you at liberty to neglect it…”

I know that I cannot personally bring resolution to this situation or eradicate antisemitism alone. Yet, I look at each day as an opportunity for me to keep moving forward and looking for opportunities to take actions towards these ideals.

So, here are some of the actions we are taking as a community. Please participate in any and all and participate often.

  • We Are Not Alone – A Community Chanukah Celebration.
  • Webinar on the Changing Landscape of the War and Israel’s Fight for Survival
    • Hosted by The Jewish Agency for Israel in discussion with former member of Knesset, Dr. Einat Wilf and Jewish Agency Head of North America, Dan Elbaum. We will explore the changing landscape of the war and Israel’s fight for survival, including insights into the geopolitical and historic complexities, community impacts, and Israel’s resilience. We will also provide an update about The Jewish Agency’s ongoing response to help Israelis on the ground and Jewish communities around the world. Click here to register (insert link Webinar Registration – Zoom)
  • Call Your Elected Officials
    • Let them know that you support Israel in its just and moral battle to defeat Hamas terrorism. Click here to enter your zip code and contact your elected officials.
  • Visit our Resources page on the JewishDayton Website (insert Stand with Israel – Jewish Dayton)
    • Read the daily updates
    • Find resources for yourself, your family, your children, college students, etc.
    • Look at ways you can be an ADVOCATE for Israel and Jews around the world

During this dark time, I hope you take the upcoming eight nights of Chanukah to shine as much light as possible in our world.



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