The K-Club did a wonderful job starting our garden this month. We planted seeds of six different vegetables: sugar snap peas, radishes, kohlrabi (a weird looking, but delicious root vegetable), mixed lettuce, spinach and curly kale. The seeds we planted two weeks ago are already 3-4” tall. And the seeds we planted last week are just now germinating (sprouting and emerging from the soil). All the seedlings like to lean towards the window to get as much sunlight as they can! I’m trying to turn the trays around every few days so they grow somewhat straight! I also give them water every other day. They dry out quickly!

I’ll take pictures of the seedlings each week so that you can monitor their growth. Hopefully, when you come back to school it will be time to plant them in our garden!

Let me know if you have any questions about the plants or the vegetables they will be when ready for harvest. Maybe your mom or dad can bring some of these home from the grocery store so you can try them!

Miss Meryl

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