Typically when I write my WHIM, I take a moment to sit down and think about what has recently inspired me. Not this week though. I will tell you upfront – this is a shameless plug.

We recently secured a speaker for this year’s Presidents Dinner (mark your calendars…it’s June 3rd!). His name is Lior Raz, co-creator and lead actor of the Israeli television series, Fauda, which is Arabic for “chaos.” Now anyone who knows me can tell you I love a good TV series. And this one does not disappoint!

The series is based on Raz and co-creator Avi Issacharoff’s real-life experiences serving in the Israeli Defense Force’s special forces unit. The Israeli drama, which was picked up by Netflix in 2016, stars Raz as the commander of a mista’arvim, a commando unit trained to operate undercover in the Palestinian territories.

The show has become one of Israeli television’s biggest hits. And I read recently that the show is considered a “worldwide” phenomenon. Fauda won six Ophir Awards in 2016 ~which are the Israeli equivalent of the Emmys ~ including best drama.

As soon as I watched season one, I couldn’t wait to find out when season two would be available. Thank goodness I won’t have to wait very long, as season two premieres on Netflix on Thursday, May 24th at midnight (Pacific Time). However, we are working on holding a prescreening before then. I will keep you updated as details emerge.

You should receive your Presidents Dinner invitation soon. The dinner sold out last year, and we expect it to sell out again this year. I encourage you to make your reservations early. And, since winter seems to be hanging on for a little bit longer, perhaps now is a good time to settle in and binge-watch this incredible show. I know you will love it!




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