In my role as CEO, much of my job requires me to make decisions. When making these decisions, I have to weigh several factors. Is the decision I’m about to make based off of facts? Is it the best possible decision, considering the circumstances? And most importantly, “what is the right thing to do?” For me, the right thing to do is basically finding the fairness in the situation.

When it comes to the concept of fairness (equity), there is a misconception that it is the same thing as equality. On the contrary, equity and equality are two different things. Because people often think they are one in the same, it can create issues when people are looking at the circumstances surrounding a decision.

With this in mind, the National Conference for Community and Justice of Greater Dayton (NCCJ) will facilitate an Equity Learning Session on Wednesday, December 11th from noon – 1:30pm at the CJCE. Not only is it incredibly important to understand equity, but it is also imperative that we understand how others define equity and what role they feel it should play in our everyday lives.

This event is free and includes a kosher lunch. If you are interested in attending, please contact Mary Tyler at 937-222-6225 or mtyler@nccjgreaterdayton.orgRegistration is required. Participation is limited to 25 people.

For a post written by Mary Tyler, Executive Director of the National Conference for Community and Justice of Greater Dayton, Inc., click here.

Click here for more information about the Equity Learning Session on Wednesday, December 11th.



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