I do not think anyone could have predicted what our world would look like in 2020 ~ I certainly could not have imagined it. Between the COVID-19 pandemic, racial unrest, and political divisiveness, it can feel incredibly heavy navigating day-to-day life.

I think many of us know that in order for things to get better – across the board – it is up to each of us to do our part. While we don’t all share the same opinion, or agree with each other on a bevy of topics, it is important that we respect one another. In a difficult situation, why behave in a manner that is only going to make things worse? The key is to listen, be open-minded, and be willing to compromise.

However, while all of this may sound ideal, unfortunately it is not our current reality. And sometimes, I just need to get away from reality for a little while. One of my favorite ways to do this is by binging on a good TV show (and maybe some chocolate).

One of my favorite shows to watch is Schitt’s Creek. Created by Dan Levy and his father, Eugene Levy, Schitt’s Creek follows the wealthy Rose family, who lose their fortune and are forced to rebuild their lives in a small town named Schitt’s Creek – their only remaining asset, which Eugene Levy’s character had bought his son as a joke birthday gift years prior.

I bring this up for two reasons – 1. To encourage you to watch the show. This feel-good sitcom will provide you with hours of laughter and smiles as you watch the quirky characters display heartwarming acts of humanity. While it recently ended in April of this year, there are 80 episodes available for you to enjoy! 2. On Wednesday, September 16th from 1:30pm – 2:15pm, Jewish Federations of North America will hold The Communal Kvell. You are invited to join Federation communities from around North America to celebrate and learn just how much of an impact your local gift makes on a global scale, especially during the current crisis. And who are the special guests? They just happen to be Sarah, Dan, and Eugene Levy!!

I hope you can take part in this fun, inspirational event. You can register by clicking here.




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