This past week, I had the pleasure of meeting our new BBYO advisor, Sydney Feibus. In talking with Sydney, her zeal for the Jewish community and our youth was profound. Sydney shared with me that her passion for Judaism was awakened when she was in 10th grade, during a trip to Israel.

Her story reminded me of my youth, and how my passion for Judaism was awakened around the same age. I joined BBYO when I was in 9th grade; however, the turning point for me occurred in 10th grade. After I was confirmed, I desired to learn more, and so I spent the summer at camp where I was a member of the Torah Corp. I have such wonderful memories of that time in my life. It was clear Sydney and I share a similar passion.

As our discussion continued, Sydney told me that while in college she participated in activities through Chabad. Since relocating to Dayton several years ago, Sydney and her husband, David, have become active members of the Jewish community. In addition to her new role as BBYO advisor, Sydney and David participate in YAD (Young Adult Division) events, and David joined the Federation Board this year.

At the conclusion of our meeting, I took a moment to reflect on the amazing “gems” we have in our community. I look forward to the wonderful things Sydney has in store for our BBYO members. I have no doubt that years from now, they will look back with the same fondness of their time in BBYO and hopefully share that with the next generation to deepen their Jewish connection.




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