When my 8-month old son, Noah, died in 1994, I was completely heartbroken. Losing my only child devastated me.

My family, friends, colleagues, and Jewish community provided me with desperately needed light during the darkest time in my life. People did what they could to help. I received countless phone calls, visitors, and meals.

One of the most meaningful things people did to honor Noah’s memory was to make a donation in his name. Twenty-five years later, I still have every single donation card I received.

Once the fog lifted and I was able to think more clearly, I decided to do something that would honor Noah’s memory in perpetuity. I couldn’t change what happened, but I knew I could find a positive outlet to honor Noah and ensure that other children would get to experience what I consider to be the trip of a lifetime ~ one I was very much looking forward to taking with him. I decided to create an endowment in Noah’s name through the Tampa Orlando Pinellas (TOP) Jewish Foundation, which provides subsidies to children traveling to Israel.

It can be incredibly difficult to find anything to cling to when we feel like our world is crumbling around us. I found the creation of Noah’s endowment provided me with some solace, and gave me a bit of a foundation to stand on. I know that Noah’s legacy lives on.

You too can create a lasting legacy in your name or in the name of a loved one. The impact on your life can be incredibly meaningful. This past May, I had the privilege of hearing Arlene Cogen, Philanthropic Leadership Consultant, speak about her recent book Give to Live, that explores the impact of legacy giving. I knew we needed to have her in Dayton.

Arlene will be joining us on Sunday, September 15th to discuss the many ways to meaningfully include a legacy gift in your life. There is no cost for the event. You can rsvp by clicking here, or by calling 937-610-1555.




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