The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world in multiple ways. One major change has been in the way people work. Email and phone calls now replace casual chats with co-workers. Zoom meetings have become a staple in our workdays.

It has been quite an adjustment. However, one great thing about this new way of life is the ability to work from anywhere. People can be employed in one state, and live hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Jobs have long been a reason people have relocated to Dayton. It is something that has come up numerous times in our Jewish Dayton Dreams Big (JDDB) meetings. In order to attract more Jews to Dayton and the Miami Valley, they must be able to obtain employment.

While this pandemic has presented us with many challenges, the option for employers to have their employees work remotely is one we can use to our advantage. It is a great way to encourage people to move to Dayton, even if they work in a different city or state.

Obviously, there are certain reasons someone moves – to be close to relatives, for a job or school, or maybe it’s a central location and provides equal distance from numerous family and friends. And these are just a few of the reasons – I am sure you know of many more.

So the question becomes, “How do we attract people to Dayton and promote it as a great place to live Jewishly?” Dayton is a short distance from multiple cities in multiple states, the cost of living is low, and there are many educational and employment opportunities in the Miami Valley.

In terms of the Jewish community, we hear time and again from newcomers that they immediately felt welcome to the community, as if they were home. That is a testament to the warmth of Jewish Dayton.

I invite you to connect with us and give us your input and ideas about how we can grow our Jewish community and promote Dayton as a fabulous place to establish roots. Feel free to email me at with your thoughts – I can’t wait to hear from you!



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