How do we speak with one Jewish voice? We have varying perspectives on Israel’s path to peace. Our Jewish community is comprised of a wide range of religiosity and practice. We have different ways in which we engage in our Jewish culture. Certainly, our politics vary.

Most importantly, we are a Jewish family, and we need to be talking with each other and hearing what is being said. Join us for an important Community Forum this Thursday, May 27 at 7PM via Zoom.

As part of the program, we will have the opportunity to reflect on the current moment in our Jewish lives by hearing updates from several guest speakers representing the Israeli Consulate, ADL, and Hillel International. They will be presenting brief comments on the situation in Israel and how this has spurred increased antisemitism in our communities, on college campuses, and nationwide.

And we want to hear from you. There will be time for a short Q & A with our guest speakers. Also, we need to hear what other concerns you have about how we continue to support Israel, with all varying perspectives, and at the same time strengthening our Jewish family and keeping it safe.

The purpose of this forum is to bring us together as a community, get some updates, and collectively talk about how we can provide more educational opportunities, advocate for our community, and determine actions that will make a difference.

Click here to register and join us on Thursday, May 27.

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