I’ve always felt a deep connection to the Jewish community. I believe much of it comes from being raised in a home where Federation and the JCC were of great importance. My father was a staunch supporter of Jewish causes. In fact, he would go on to serve as president of both the Tampa Jewish Federation and JCC.

When I returned home from college, I quickly became immersed in Federation. Soon I was asked to be a board member. Shortly after my 30th birthday, I was asked to serve as board secretary (a position I gladly accepted).

I spent many years involved in the community ~ running Super Sunday, volunteering countless hours, and doing whatever I could for the betterment of the Jewish community – both local and abroad. My work extended beyond Federation to JCC as well.

Over time, my knowledge base of Federation became richer. Admittedly, when I first began my volunteer work, I didn’t have a full wealth of knowledge of the Federation and how they operated. What was important, though, was I wanted to know more. I knew the organization was important. I knew the work they did was important. And I wanted to be a part of it.

When I see the younger generation stepping into lay leader roles, it reminds me of a very exciting and meaningful time in my life. At our Annual Meeting on August 15th at 6pm, several new people will join our JFGD Board, including several members of the younger generation. You can click here for more information about our Annual Meeting and to view the board slate.

We will install a new president, JCC and JFS board members, honor local community members and unveil Jewish Dayton Dreams Big into the Future ~ The Big Reveal of the Big Ideas. It is an evening you do not want to miss. I hope you join us as we embark on the next chapter of Jewish Dayton!




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