Every day in the JCC Preschool, Jewish traditions come to life. It might look like magic, but it’s absolutely due to our amazing staff of teachers and assistants. I love watching our teachers’ lesson plans breathe new ideas, crafts and celebrations lead to memorable experiences the children take to heart.

As a JCC Preschool parent, every time your child asks to lead prayer before dinner, or explains excitedly how a good deed was a mitzvah, it’s our mission coming to life. Experiencing Passover through the JCC Preschool is an immersive experience because of the planning, time, and effort put in by our teaching staff. Blowing the shofar, building their own sukkah, having their own parade on Simchat Torah, our children look forward to these celebrations every day. Our teachers find increasingly creative ways to build these tangible traditions into actionable memories, ensuring Jewish culture is cherished in our fast-paced digital world.

The next time you hear your child singing the “Apples Dipped in Honey” song for the 15th time in a row, or they insist on carefully carrying a spider safely outside, or even exclaim in a crowed movie theatre “the movie bad guy is a bad guy just like Haman! BOO!”, take a moment to thank the educators who crafted those experiences to leave those impressions, grounding them in our rich Jewish cultural traditions.
We are currently hiring more teaching staff, If you are interested in joining our wonderful staff, please contact us.

For more information about Early Childhood, please contact Audrey MacKenzie, Early Childhood Director at (937) 853-0373 or

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