Last night, the Jewish Community Relations Council presented “When Does Life Begin: Jewish Perspectives.” It was an amazing program. We had 88 participants, with all but two people staying on the Zoom until the end. The community was enthralled.

The event explored what our teachings tell us about when life begins. Speakers included Rabbi Aubrey L. Glazer, PhD, Beth Abraham Synagogue; Rabbi Nochum Mangel, Chabad of Greater Dayton; Rabbi Karen Bodney-Halasz, Temple Israel; and Bonnie Beaman Rice, Retired Magistrate. The event was moderated by Marcy L. Paul PhD.

The speakers had incredibly interesting resources which to rely on for a topic that is neither black nor white. The context of the questions relative to when life begins and the sanctity of the mother’s life had great depth and were rich in Torah and commentary.

We recognize that this discussion needs to continue. For those of you who weren’t able to attend, you can view the event by CLICKING HERE.

For those who are interested in learning more, we are hoping to be able to offer more opportunities for study on this topic in the near future.




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