In the past 100 Days, we've learned what the Federation has done within the realm of Tikkun Olam, past and present, but what about our Jewish future?

Time and time again, communities have shown that a connection to a Jewish education and early learning in a Jewish environment strengthens not only families, but the communities as well, providing an educational path that leads to life-long learning, and even into community  leadership positions.

The Jewish Federation understands how important a priority Dayton's Jewish day school is for our Community. At Hillel Academy of Greater Dayton , the Federation has allocated funds to support  their dedication to excellence, and their mission to provide Jewish children with an exemplary secular and Judaic education.

"As a Jewish Day School, we have a unique opportunity to integrate Jewish and secular learning and then weave that into a meaningful learning experience for our students. Judaism isn't extracurricular, it's directly integrated into the school. Hillel Academy represents all movements of Judaism, we're in partnership with all the local synagogues, so each Rabbi has direct involvement with the kids in the learning environment."

This coming school year's theme are aligning right along with the idea of Tikkun Olam, and also include Simcha, being joyful, and Chessed, loving kindness. "With any learning that takes place, we want to see an outcome from that learning that is helpful in some way. And with Chessed, what the students are doing, is it adding or taking away? We're always supporting the idea that your reason to being is being helpful to others."

Hillel Academy also provides a connection to Israel, through the Federation's Partnership2Gether with the Western Galilee. Not only do students have the chance to interact with their Israeli counterparts , they also learn from them. From pen pal letters to sharing videos and practicing their Hebrew, it's become an integral part of strengthening the children's ties to Israel. "It gives our kids a deep connection with Israel. And I feel very confident that our children leave us committed to Judaism. It becomes  so much a part of who they are, they're never far from those Jewish values.

With the Dayton area's Jewish youth learning and being immersed in these key Jewish values,  the next batch of Jewish leaders looks incredibly bright. Our Annual Campaign funds directly benefit Hillel Academy of Greater Dayton, be apart of Dayton's Jewish future by supporting the educational endeavors that Hillel students grow from throughout the school year. Pledge to the Annual Campaign today. Contact Alisa Thomas at athomas@jfgd.net or 610-1796.


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