Happy Passover

Last night our JCRC Sr. Director, Chen Shterenbach, and I went to Columbus to the State House for a Seder that was held for state legislatures and their staff. Leadership and professionals from Federations across Ohio were also invited to attend. The idea for the Seder was the brainchild of new elected State Representative Dani Isaacsohn, from Cincinnati. The concept of freedom, from the time of the Torah until today, was the common theme.

Jewish, Muslim, and Christian representatives were in attendance. Everyone participated in the reading of the Haggadah, including the singing of Dayeinu. It was an incredible experience.

What was most impressive to me was the joy that everyone exhibited. For many participants, this was their first Seder. It was so inspiring to see people from all backgrounds come together for this important event.

I hope that your holiday is as joyous as my experience was at last night’s Seder. Wishing you a very meaningful and delicious Passover.




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