It’s Time to Act Now Against Israel Bias

It has been quite an interesting week for the worldwide Jewish community. I am sure many of you have seen news stories about Whoopi Goldberg’s comments pertaining to the Holocaust, and the subsequent backlash that has ensued – click here for more information. While her comments are concerning, what really has me alarmed this week is the recent report on Israel by Amnesty International.

On the Amnesty International website, the header “Israel’s Apartheid Against Palestinians” is plastered in large black and white lettering on the main page. In addition to an article, there is a 15-minute video that speaks of Israel’s “decades of oppression and domination” of Palestinians.

What I find particularly disturbing is at the beginning of the video, Philip Luther, Senior Research and Policy Advisor for Amnesty International states, “Our findings and criticism are not directed at the Jewish people but at the Israeli state.” The rest of the video goes on to discuss the issue in terms of the Jewish people and their treatment of the Palestinian people as a “lesser, non-Jewish racial group.” I would say, in my opinion, this report is most definitely a criticism of Israel and of the Jewish people.

The report perpetuates antisemitic rhetoric and proves to be dangerous. Without question, it is one-sided and skewed to vilify the Jewish people and the state of Israel. There is nothing in this report that provides even an inkling of the full picture. Rather, it is nothing more than a handful of carefully selected puzzle pieces that offer no clear context in the absence of the remainder of the puzzle.

Let us keep in mind this report was not commissioned by some underground or unknown organization. This is an open-ended United Nations Independent International Commission of Inquiry, carried out by the world’s largest grassroots human rights organization. My fear is that many will use this report as the singular perspective on Israel. This is frightening.

Our local Jewish Community Relations Council’s (JCRC) commitment calls on us to EDUCATE-ADVOCATE-ACT. This is your opportunity to ACT. Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) has called on the United Nations Secretary General to end the biased targeting of Israel.

Please help us get the word out that this attempt to further perpetuate antisemitic propaganda through attacks on Israel, is not okay, and must be stopped.




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