If you are a senior or someone who has a disability AND JFS provides case management services for you, you may be eligible to use our transportation services.

Some of us might remember the song “The People in Your Neighborhood” from Sesame Street. Who are the people in your neighborhood? Quite possibly, they are our JFS drivers!

Have you seen our JFS drivers and cars around town? The JFS Transportation Service covers an area of just over 700 square miles in the Miami Valley! Within our catchment area, we offer door-to-door and errand services for: non-surgical medical and dental appointments; grocery store, pharmacy, and other shopping trips; trips to the post office or bank; beauty appointments; social engagement; and, more. The JFS Transportation Service removes barriers to independence, allowing those who might not otherwise be able to easily maneuver around the Miami Valley to do so independently.

For more information on the JFS transportation program, please contact Tara Feiner, JFS Director at (937) 401-1546 or

What does Charlotte Handler think of the JFS Transportation Service? She told Tara Feiner, JFS Director, “I love it.” She went on to add, “Amy [Dolph, Transportation Coordinator] is a jewel. She takes care of me and works hard to fit me into the schedule, which I really appreciate. Vince is a jewel. He takes care of me like I am his mother.”
If you ask Waverly, Vince or Terrell what they enjoy about driving for the JFS Transportation Service, their answers are very similar. All three enjoy spending time in the car with our clients and listening to their stories. Waverly, who has been with JFS for almost twenty years, and Vince, who has been with JFS for seven and a half years, spoke about the relationships and attachments they have formed with our clients over the years. Terrell, who has only been with JFS since September, loves what he does and we know he will be forming relationships with our clients. JFS has GREAT drivers!

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