When someone mentions Jewish Family Services, what comes to mind? If you thought, “seniors,” you are not alone. While the majority of JFS clients are seniors, young adults and young families also use our services. While JFS has programming for adults of all ages, JFS also goes to camp…the JCC’s Camp Shalom and Camp K’tan (preschool)!

Over the last couple of years, JFS engaged with summer activities with both Camp Shalom and with Camp K’Tan. In 2017 and 2018, JFS took Camp K’tan’s oldest group on Mitvah Missions, visiting seniors at One Lincoln Park and at Spring Hills Singing Woods. Together, we made new friends over crafts, snacks and song. We are now planning our 2019 Mitzvah Missions with Camp K’Tan.

January 15, 2018 Winter Camp Shalom campers turn themselves into superheroes with JFS and PJ Library!

January 21,2019, Winter Camp Shalom campers explore the impact of limited resources on environmental justice

In 2016, Camp Shalom and JFS made 24 quarts of soup and challah rolls for St. Vincent de Paul. We were fortunate to have Barb Chambers, Food Service Manager at St. Vincent de Paul, speak to us about their programs and issues of hunger and homelessness. More recently, in 2018 and 2019, JFS joined Winter Camp Shalom. Together, we explored social justice issues, creating our own justice league of super heroes standing up to injustices and exploring environmental justice issues rooted in socioeconomic disparities. Most recently, on Presidents’ Day, JFS joined Winter Camp Shalom to explore J’DAIM, Jewish Disabilities Awareness and Inclusion Month.

JFS loves to go to camp!!

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