As a former Jewish Family Services of Greater Dayton employee, I know first hand about how important their work is. Jewish Family Services takes care of everyone, regardless of sex, religion, sexual preference, age, and the list continues. I got to see first hand the good that Jewish Family Services does on a daily basis and I got to share some of those experiences, of course excluding the confidential ones, with my husband Zeke. Zeke knows how important JFS is to the Dayton community not only from my stories, but also from first hand accounts. Here’s an example: Zeke and I were in a long-distance relationship before I moved to Sweden and we got married. One time when Zeke was visiting me in Dayton, he came to the JFS Purim program at Friendship Village. He was very impressed with the program that JFS put together for the residents and he was also pleasantly surprised to see non-Jewish people in attendance. He commented to me afterwards about how cool it was that everyone was invited and included, no matter his or her religion. JFS’ values are our values and by supporting this organization, it is our hope that these values of inclusivity, love, and care continue to spread.

For more information about the LIFE & LEGACY program, contact Janese R. Sweeny, Esq. at (937) 401-1542 or

2018 Purim at Friendship Village

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