Of all of the beautiful Jewish customs and practices, the one that I personally find the most magical is Shabbat. Having a day to focus on rest, prayer, and community is truly one of the great gifts in Judaism.

Over the last several months, we have experienced a veil of darkness over our world. The war in Israel has affected us in so many ways. Now, more than ever for many of us, Shabbat isn’t just a welcome reprieve from life, but a necessity.

Jewish Federations of North America generously offered the opportunity for Federations to apply for grants to participate in a national Shabbat of Love. According to, the event “was created to embrace the Jewish people, spreading love for who we are.” The Jewish Federation of Greater Dayton applied for the grant, and I am happy to report we were approved.

Funds are being distributed evenly across our local synagogues, temples, and Chabad, where they will use the money for a kiddush or oneg Shabbat at their respective institutions on January 19 – January 20. You can click here to see service times for each organization.

I hope you are able to fully embrace the beauty of not only the Shabbat of Love, but this and every Shabbat we are so lucky to experience.

Shabbat Shalom.



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