On the surface, our mission – Guided by Jewish traditions, Jewish Family Services of Greater Dayton provides individuals and families within the Miami Valley with the tools and services to lead a happy and healthy life – emphasizes who we serve, individuals and families in the Miami Valley. How do we serve our community? With kindness, compassion, respect and expertise, we link the community to vital programs and services through our case management and information and referral services.

In addition, we are able to serve our community with the support of our amazing volunteers. These incredible people have compassion, passion, and commitment and thoughtfully guide and support the work of JFS in our community.

Each year, we take a moment to thank our volunteers by holding a Volunteer Appreciation Brunch. It’s a small token of gratitude to those who regularly give their time serving on our advisory board and committees, and those who directly support our clients.

Jewish Family Services does not exist in a vacuum. We rely on strong human and social service organizations to support our community. And, those other organizations also rely on and refer clients to us. We all have our roles in best meeting the needs of the community.

People who volunteer and support other human services nonprofits in the Miami Valley indirectly help us as these other human services nonprofits are critical to supporting our community. Jewish Family Services links clients to numerous human and social services nonprofits that provide housing assistance, food and nutrition assistance, medical and pharmaceutical assistance, legal assistance, family support services, and more.

Our community, the Jewish community, is only as strong as our broader community, the Miami Valley. Thank you to those who volunteer to keep the Miami Valley strong. You make a difference in the lives of our clients and in our community.

If you would like more information about JFS resources, please contact Tara Feiner, JFS Director at (937) 401-1546 or

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