I am not a political aficionado. However, while I don’t delve deeply into the political arena, I do keep myself fully informed as to what is happening in the U.S. and in Israel. In fact, it wasn’t until a while back when I went to an executives institute in Israel that I learned more about the Israeli political processes. We had a professor explain how a parliamentary government elects a prime minister. Even though I lived in Israel for a time and am an Israeli citizen, I found myself surprised that I didn’t know how all that worked. Now, with the Israeli government engaging in a very extensive judicial reform proposal, it is time once again to fully understand what is happening and why.

Jewish Federations of North of America recently had a delegation travel to Israel to talk to government leaders about some of their concerns. You can read about that trip by clicking here.

While it is great that these Federation leaders were able to travel to Israel to learn more about the current political landscape, you may be asking what we can do to help ourselves understand this situation better? There is an opportunity to participate in a webinar on Sunday, March 26th at 12:30 p.m. EST. The goal of the webinar is to help participants understand the current political and social events in Israel. It will feature two guest speakers ~ Adv. Dr. Eliad Shraga and Prof. Osnat Akirav. You can learn more about the program and register by clicking here.




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