WHIM Special Edition: Important Announcement

Good Afternoon,

It is with a great deal of admiration and respect, as well as a bit of sadness, that today I announce the impending retirement of two of our wonderful employees ~ Cheryl Carne and Jane Hochstein. As we plan for the future, a more definitive date will be announced, but as of right now we are looking at sometime late summer.

Cheryl Carne, Director of External Relations has been with the agency since 2002. Cheryl has served in a variety of positions, including JCC Director, Campaign Director, and her current role of Director of External Relations.

Jane Hochstein, JCC Director, has been with the agency since 2007. She served as the Cultural Arts and Active Adults Program Director and became the JCC Director in 2013.

More information will follow, however, I wanted to congratulate these two professionals on their outstanding careers.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

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