This past Monday, I attended the funeral for Arthur Carne, father of Rick Carne and father-in-law of Cheryl Carne, our Director of External Relations. Three of Arky’s granddaughters spoke lovingly about their grandfather. Cheryl and Rick’s daughter, Abra, spoke in particular about the wonderful memories of her time with him, including swimming with her sisters at the DJCC’s indoor pool, while her grandfather smiled and waved at them from the walking track above.

It’s incredible how powerful our memories can be. They can make us laugh, and they can make us cry. Sometimes we long to relive those memories again.

Abra’s reminiscing got me thinking about the Jewish Dayton of the past, and where we are now. I’ve spoken with many people who, like Abra, have fond memories of the DJCC in Trotwood. I’m sure it was a wonderful time in our history.

As time marches on, things often change. And sometimes, change can be very difficult. Regardless of the reason, or how necessary the change is, I think its human nature to lament for what used to be.

When I hear people speak of the old DJCC, I hear words like “lively” and “energetic.” I think it’s important for the community that we offer an environment where these feelings can still be experienced. So, with that in mind, we recently began “Tuesday Nights at the J.”

“Tuesday Nights at the J” includes several classes, such as Krav Maga, Improv, and Mahjongg (which will start in February). So far, it is a great success. In the three weeks since “Tuesdays at the J” began, we have received wonderful feedback. Participants have expressed enthusiasm about this new endeavor.

Participants in both classes range in age from late teens to late 60’s. The classes, which are open to the entire community, have brought many people to our building for the first time. And, as one person told me, the life and energy in the building is “so cool.”

We hope to expand on “Tuesday Nights at the J” and continue to offer classes that appeal to a wide variety of people in our community. We will always carry with us the memories made in the old building. It is my wish that in the future, people will look back on their experiences with programs such as “Tuesday Nights at the J” with the same fondness, and smile.




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