It’s hard to believe that five years ago this month, I began working as CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Dayton. I could have never imagined then how many wonderful people I would have the privilege of getting to know, and how many incredible friendships I would form. One of the friendships I hold dearest is with former Federation CEO Peter Wells.

Peter has been instrumental to my success here in Dayton. From the beginning, he has served as a mentor to me. Even though Peter has been retired from the Federation for 12 years, his commitment to the Dayton Jewish community is strong. And the wealth of information Peter holds is immeasurable.

Because of Peter’s strong history, his involvement in our Jewish Foundation’s partnership program LIFE & LEGACY™ was a perfect match. Peter agreed to be a consultant, helping all of the organizations in the community as they consider potential legacy participants and have important conversations with them.

Recently, a dear friend asked me what it is about Peter that made us instant friends. Even though it took several moments to figure out how to articulate the feeling, I realized that his generosity of spirit is incredibly warm and welcoming.

I am so inspired by Peter. I look forward to many more years in the Dayton Jewish community, and working with such an amazing predecessor. We are incredibly lucky to have such a talented, amazing person like Peter in our community.




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