PJ Library loves celebrating holidays! More specifically, PJ Library loves helping families celebrate Jewish holidays through books, programs, and music. One of the core values of PJ Library is to help families find accessible and meaningful ways to bring Jewish traditions into their homes. Whether families are observant or secular, intercultural or interfaith, PJ Library resources are available to bring everyone together under the very wide tent of Jewish tradition.

Every three years, PJ Library conducts an impact survey of all the families who participate in the program. The last survey, completed in 2016, had over 25,000 responses, representing 20% of all families who receive PJ Library books. Based on the responses to the survey, it’s clear to see that the simple idea of reading Jewish books to children at bedtime (or anytime!) has a major impact on how families feel about and practice their Judaism.

  • 83% said PJ Library has increased their confidence in engaging with their children on Jewish topics.
  • 96% said PJ Library supports their family in having conversations about Jewish traditions, values, and/or customs.
  • 41% and 64% of Jewish and interfaith families, respectively, said PJ Library has helped influence their families’ decision to celebrate Jewish holidays.
  • 94% and 83% of Jewish and interfaith respondents, respectively, said that PJ Library supports their family in building upon or adding a Jewish tradition to home life.

It’s not just receiving a book each month that creates this impact on families. While holiday books, with their informative flaps are a big part of the story, PJ Library also works hard to create a variety of meaningful resources and content for families to utilize.

PJ Library Radio has made it easier for families to listen to holiday music together. Additional activities and surprises that are included with the books also add to their experience. Some of these activities have included a “Welcome Mobile” that children can decorate and hang in their Sukkah, a board game to celebrate the Exodus from Egypt at Passover, and a family tree mural for Tu B’ Shevat.

The PJ Library Haggadah photo courtesy of PJ Library

This year, for the first time, PJ Library collaborated with Kar-Ben publishers to create a “PJ Library Haggadah.” Each family could opt to receive a set of six complimentary haggadot to use for their Seder.

These are just a few examples of how PJ Library creates a connection to Jewish holidays and tradition. PJ Library really loves Jewish holidays. And we really, really love helping families celebrate holidays together.

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