Episode 11: The Raid on Entebbe – A First Hand Account Our last morning together, everyone broke out into smaller groups based on size and geographical location to work more on the Partnership Strategic Planning.  After our final exercise together was done, we gave our attention to the keynote speaker, Lt. Shlomi Reisman (ret.), one of the soldiers involved in the commando operation that culminated in the release of 106 hostages from an airport terminal in Uganda at the Raid of Entebbe. Lt. Resiman’s first-hand account of the events leading up to the day was riveting – everyone was enthralled with the story and you could hear a pin drop as he talked about the planning and execution of the daring rescue.  He spoke eloquently and it was hard to believe this was his first time re-telling the story in English. What a way to end my first steering committee conference!  I had goose bumps throughout his entire presentation. Learn more about the Raid of Entebbe here.]]>

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