Episode 9:  Dayton: First in Flight and first to support the Partnership Center for Connections and Communities. I want to take a moment to gush a bit and tell everyone about my fantastic Partnership2Gether volunteers Irvin Moscowitz and Dave London.  These two have been tireless and stalwart supporters of Partnership2Gether for a very long time and I now have the pleasure of working with them on this important initiative that they are clearly passionate about – it’s been very exciting and inspirational to be around these two, soaking up their knowledge and hearing all their great ideas to bring more Partnership2Gether programming to Dayton. On our way to one of our meetings, our group stopped at the future site of the Partnership Center for Connections and Communities.  Right now the site looks a bit like the Bates Motel, but plans are underway to build this community destination for three Partnerships in the Western Galilee and be a space to work, build connections and inspire Jewish identity. Bracha Zuriel addressed our group and talked about the importance of the center and how after 20 years we will finally have a home for Partnership.  And who was front and center of the initial seed money for this initiative?  Why Dave and Irv – who both spoke so eloquently to our group about why they love Partnership and why they felt it was important to be on the ground floor and come forward with substantial monetary support for the building.  Like Irv said, “Dayton was first in flight and Dayton is first to step up to see this dream come true.”  It was a moving moment – filled with smiles, joy and celebration. Partnership will be joining forces with the Matte Asher Regional Council to build this community facility that will be the heart for the Partnership2Gether activities and a resource for Matte Asher.  At 6,500 square feet, the building will house a multi-purpose room, community space, conference space and offices for the Partnership staff. I cannot wait to see the transformation of this abandoned, desolate lot to the important, thriving hub for Partnership that it will become.]]>

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