After 13 years with the Jewish Federation, the unflappable Jodi Phares is embarking on her FIRST trip to Israel! Join in on the experience as she details her visit to our Western Galilee Partnership2Gether region and brings our overseas connections a little closer to home.  

EPISODE ONE: The Adventure Begins!
Photo Caption: Jodi Phares on her way to Israel, making the best of her layover on the NYC Subway 

I am sitting at the Cincinnati Airport with JFGD CEO Cathy Gardner waiting for out flight to New York for a brief stop before leaving for Israel.

This is my first visit to Israel and I am filled with anticipation and excitement for what lies ahead. I am especially thrilled to share this experience with the Dayton Jewish Community as well as my family and friends.

So, why am I going to Israel? I now oversee our Partnership2Gether program and I am attending a steering committee meeting with professionals and volunteers from thirteen Partnership communities learning all I can. Cathy and I will be joining Irvin Moscowitz and Dave London, Dayton’s seasoned lay leaders who have a contagious passion for Partnership.

This blog will be so much more than about the best falafel I’ve ever tasted (although I am sure it will be the best I’ve ever had). This blog will show Israel through my eyes, a first-time visitor.  I want to spotlight Partnership2Gether and the people and places (and yes, the food) that make Israel so incredible.

I will be posting updates and photos on the JFGD Facebook page a sharing links in the weekly C-YJN to my blog on the website.

I hope you will check in with me throughout the coming week!


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