Episode 10:  “Look Deep Into Nature and Then You Will Understand Everything Better” The last night with our Partnership Group was a memorable one.  We were taken on a torch lit tour of the Grottos of Rosh Hanikra located on the Lebanon Border.  What an absolutely stunning sight! We took a cable car ride down the side of the boulder to get to the grottos.  It was an unseasonably cold night and our guides had warm apple cider waiting for us while we viewed a short movie about the Grottos.  The opening scene of the film was a quote from Albert Einstein: “Look Deep Into Nature and Then You Will Understand Everything Better” The Grottos have a striking effect on your senses – especially at night.  You hear the echo of the waves exploding in the caves and there is also a strong salty smell.  But the colors at night are unbelievable – blues and greens reflecting the moon – it was dazzling.  Einstein was right, nature does have the ability to make you understand everything better and as I stood there in the glow of the torch, listening to the sea ebb and flow and crash, I felt completely at peace. After the tour, we rode the cable car back up the boulder to have our last dinner together at the Grotto Restaurant.  We were served mouthwatering food, family style and the mood was celebratory, as old and new friends spoke fondly about what had transpired over the last few days, ate, sang and danced together.]]>

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