“Mom, I’m bored.”

“There is nothing to do in this town.”

“Another night just sitting home!!”

These are phrases you will not hear in the Dayton community ~ especially the Jewish Dayton community!

There is an abundance of activities in Jewish Dayton, including cultural, social, educational, and religious events for people of all ages. So how do we and others in our community keep track of activities for multiple organizations? We use the Community Calendar.

The Community Calendar acts as a roadmap for all of the events and activities happening in our Jewish community. Our goal is to avoid any collisions along the way. Knowing what activities each Jewish organization has coming up, plus knowing which ones are okay to overlap and which ones are not, is essential to keeping the “roadways” running smooth.

As we approach the 80’s (5780, that is), now is the perfect time for our organizations to get together to review the calendar for the upcoming year. The Federation’s Marketing department is working with Beth Abraham, Beth Jacob, Chabad, Temple Beth Or, Temple Israel, Hillel Academy, Hadassah, and the Jewish War Veterans to schedule a time to meet so we can make sure that our programs and events are available for all community members to enjoy.

You can access our Community Calendar by clicking here. Check out all of the amazing things on the horizon for “The Best Little Jewish Community in the Country!”

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