To our teachers and friends,

Considering the closure of all the schools – and we don’t know how long that will last, maybe till the end of the school year – we need to make some changes in handling the Max May Art and Lydia May Writing contests.
They are not cancelled.  We know that some of you were already working on entries before the closures; and maybe some of you still can work with your students online.  Here is the plan:
(1) art entries can be dropped off at any time during April at the K-12 Gallery in downtown Dayton.  Check their website for location, contact info, etc – it might be wise to phone before going. We already had arrangements with them to exhibit the art in May or June and they are willing to be the drop off  point.  If this changes – say, if they decide to close, or if the governor’s stay-at-home order is extended – we’ll let you know right away. All this depends on the status of the current threat to health.  K-12 website:
(2) the writing contest entries, as always, should be e-mailed to Jodi Phares at the Jewish Federation,  If possible, have students e-mail them to you, and you can send them to us all at once; but if necessary we can take the entry directly from the student.  We will accept entries up until Memorial Day weekend, which is usually about the time everyone’s school year ends. 
The Holocaust Remembrance event at Temple Israel on April 26 has been postponed; no date yet set; again, we’ll inform you of changes.   
We know we may not get as many entries as usual, but we’ll take what you have and they will be evaluated as always in the past.  Given the circumstances and in order to be fair to those who cannot enter, we may not be able to give the usual awards but everyone who made the effort will be gratefully acknowledged.
The contest details are here – everything still applies except the deadline. 
Check your e-mail for further developments … 
~ Dayton Holocaust Resource Center

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