When it comes to planning events for the Jewish Federation’s Young Adult Division (YAD), there are several things to take into consideration. Is it fun? Is it educational? Will it help create connections among our Jewish community? Is it different or a twist on something we have previously done? Does it promote cultural diversity?

Many of our YAD members are either new to Dayton or have not lived in Dayton for some time. So to be able to show them what the city, and the Jewish community, have to offer is such a treat. Many are surprised when they realize the abundance and variety of activities at their fingertips.

If you were to ask a YAD member about what type of events they have attended, they might say:

  • Shabbat Dinners
  • Jewish Holiday Celebrations
  • Jewish Cultural Events
  • Outdoor events, like Paintball and Kayaking
  • Trivia Nights
  • Theatre/Opera Performances
  • Volunteering Opportunities

Many of our events center around Judaism. In addition to the celebrations YAD plans on its own, we attend community events such as the Jewish Community Center’s Cultural Arts & Book Fest and Jewish Film Fest.

For the past several years, YAD members have met for dinner prior to attending the Film Fest opening night. Most YAD members have never been to the Film Fest, and I am often told how much they love it! In fact, they are astounded at the number of people in attendance and that we host such a large festival for a community of our size.

This past fall, we attended one of the book fest events which featured a young IDF solider who told his story about losing his arm in combat on the border of the Gaza strip. It was an inspirational and moving evening.

In addition to Judaic events, we plan events that speak to the artistic diversity of Dayton. Earlier this year, fifteen people came out for an amazing evening of improv at a workshop led by the JCC’s Karen Jaffe. More than one participant contacted me to tell me how much fun they had.

Last year, YAD attended the opera Carmen, where two of our members made up part of the cast. Also, we have an event coming up at The Dayton Art Institute in which we will receive a guided tour of the Monet and Impressionism exhibit.

Not only do these activities expose YAD members to a variety of activities; it provides them with a vehicle to connect with people in the Jewish community and community at large.

For more information about YAD, or if you would like to connect with Jewish people in the community, please contact Cheryl Carne,  Director of External Relations at  (937) 610-1778 or

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