If you’ve heard anything about YAD (Young Adult Division) lately, you know the young Jewish population in Dayton is booming. Cheryl Carne, Director of External Relations, seems to cross paths with new or unaffiliated young adults in Dayton almost weekly.

“It’s amazing how many young Jewish adults live in Dayton and the surrounding area. Some get involved right away, some wait a while. Those who wait always say they wish they would have contacted us sooner,” says Cheryl.

Once involved, YAD participants discover a plethora of activities and opportunities in which they can take part. The list of events reads like a “What’s Happening in Dayton” advertisement. Trivia nights, sporting events, Shabbat dinners, team building activities, and volunteering are just a few of the activities offered. Such diversity provides young adults from all walks of life the opportunity to participate.

In October, YAD participated in a tour of the historic Woodland Cemetery, where the group carried lanterns and walked through the cemetery with a tour guide to hear stories of history and mystery about the inventors, bank robbers, and counterfeiters buried there. After the tour, they headed to dinner.

In November, YAD spent an evening volunteering at Lindy’s Bakery, which produces gourmet dog treats. According to their website, Lindy’s was created to “teach homeless teens and young adults valuable work skills so they’ll never be homeless again.” Participants were able to schmooze with each other while giving back to the community.

The influx of young adults in recent years has shined a light on Dayton as a great place to live. As one YAD member said, “It’s a great central location, it’s affordable, the people are nice, and there are opportunities to attend some great sporting events.”

Cheryl agrees. “There are so many things to do in Dayton. Aside from recreational and volunteering activities, I also try to connect young adults with people in the Jewish community who are in the same professional circle. It is my goal to help create connections within our community.”

In addition, several YAD participants serve on committees and boards for the Jewish Federation of Greater Dayton and its agencies. “Their desire to be involved is palpable,” says Cheryl.

If you would like more information about YAD, or would like to connect with Jewish people in the community, please contact Cheryl Carne, Director of External Relations at (937) 610-1778 or

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