Max May & Lydia May Holocaust Art Contest Winner Spencer Stevenson shares his thoughts
Dear Renate Frydman,

I would like to thank you so much for the opportunity that the Max May & Lydia May Memorial Holocaust Art Contest provided me. I have always thought so highly of those who survived, as well as those who stood up for those who were suffering.

With this contest, I was able to learn about so many inspiring stories and figures that can teach us so many things.
I am so thankful for the chance to tell these heroes stories through my art work and am so humbled to recieve an award.

Thank you for this contest, so our youth can learn this horrible truth and be able to learn from it so we may never again hurt a group of people for their beliefs.

– Spencer Stevenson
Grade 9, Bexley High School.

Selections of the children’s art work from the contest will be on display at the Dayton Art Institute September 1 – November 25.

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