When I first met with Cathy Gardner to discuss the LIFE & LEGACY program, I was both excited and nervous. To be honest I was terrified ~ it was a tall order. Could we really get multiple Letters of Intent? Would we even get accepted into the program?

As is the case with a lot of things in life, my worry was for naught. At the end of the 2nd Quarter of the LIFE & LEGACY program, the Jewish community in greater Dayton received 181 Letters of Intent (25% over goal). How did we do that you ask? One word ~ volunteers. Without the incredible work of our LIFE & LEGACY teams, none of this would be possible. The Legacy teams attend the trainings, team meetings and work on the marketing. Most importantly they meet with our community members to engage in a meaningful discussion about legacy and what that means.

I want to thank each and every Legacy Team member for all their hard work. Jewish Dayton, and future generations, thank you as well. And while we are thanking people, thank you to every community member who made a commitment to Jewish Dayton by signing their Letter of Intent. Without you and your generosity, this would not be possible.

For more information about  LIFE & LEGACY, contact Janese R. Sweeny, Esq., Foundation Director at (937) 401-1542 or


Beth Abraham Synagogue
Elaine Arnovitz
Larry Burick
Adam Feiner
Steve Horenstein
Susie Katz
Bernie Rabinowitz
Ralph Williams

Chabad of Greater Dayton
Julie Bloom
Dr. Michael Bloom
Dr. Heath Gilbert
Rabbi Nochum Mangel

Hillel Academy of Greater Dayton
Amy Bloom
Marc Jacobs
Dr. Kathy Mecoli
Andy Schwartz

Dr. Heath Gilbert
Jane Hochstein
Karen Jaffe
Beverly Louis
Bernie Rabinowitz
Dan Sweeny

Amy Dolph
Melinda Doner
Michele Dritz
Tara Feiner

Judy Abromowitz
Cathy Gardner
Juliet Glaser
Debby Goldenberg
Alisa Thomas
Dr. Gary Youra
Mary Youra

Temple Beth Or
Sharon Bengel
Joe Bettman
Rabbi Judy Chessin
Marni Flagel
Dr. Martha Moody
Ira Segalewitz
Micah Siegal
Dan Sweeny

Temple Israel
Rabbi Karen Bodney-Halasz
Alan Brown
Nancy Cohen
Rich Cohen
Katherine Cooper
Suzanne Shaw
Jeff Stoller
Bart Weprin
Dan Young

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