Our city of Dayton has been inundated with an unprecedented amount of challenges in the past months. This weekend, the pain that has recently been felt in Pittsburgh, in Gilroy, and in El Paso, came to Dayton and it has impacted us all.

Every one of us has some connection to the Oregon District. There are those of us who live there, who dine there; we shop there, and catch a comedy show or film there. It is the heart of our city. Some of us even have personal connections to those affected in the horrendous attack that occurred early Sunday morning.

“The Oregon” is one of Dayton’s most vibrant cultural assets. It is here that Dayton proudly shows all of its colors. To see it draped in such sadness and grief is shocking in and of itself. We stand together in grief and solidarity with our loved ones, our neighbors, and our city.

We fully support the Dayton Foundation’s initiative to start the healing process by building a fund that will help address all the needs that are forthcoming for those affected by the attack. To quote the Dayton Foundation, “The Dayton Oregon District Tragedy Fund is accepting donations to help those individuals most directly impacted by this tragedy.” The need speaks for itself.

If you wish to make an impact by donating to the Dayton Foundation’s Oregon District Tragedy Fund, you may click here.

We are also looking into the ways in which our Jewish Family Services agency can coordinate with and support our partner organizations in the larger community who are currently on the front lines of helping all of Dayton deal with their grief. If you have any questions about the mental health first aid resources available, call us at (937) 401-1546 or email Jewish Family Services Director Tara Feiner at

It is extremely hard to find inspiration in the middle of all this sorrow and pain, but seeing our local law enforcement, Dayton’s city government, local businesses, our fellow non-profits, clergy, and community leaders come together to help us all shoulder Dayton’s shared cries of pain has been consistently reaffirming. We live in such an amazing city with equally amazing people. We truly are #DaytonStrong.




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