Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC)

JCRC Mission Statement

The mission of the Dayton Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) is to ensure the growth, resilience, and safety of the Jewish people in our community and nation, Israel, and throughout the world. The JCRC works in collaboration with the greater Dayton community to foster cultural humility and advocate for a just, democratic, and pluralistic mosaic society.

JCRC Commitment


Principles of Cultural Humility & Jewish Values

Working toward an all-encompassing and inclusive view of the world. Repair the world–תקון עולם—(Mishnah Torah)

  1. Life-long learning and critical self-reflection
    Love your neighbor as yourself– ואהבת לרעך כמוץ—(Leviticus 19:18)


  2. Recognize and change power imbalances within our own organizations and our larger community
    Justice, justice you shall pursue– צדק צדק תרדוף—(Deuteronomy 16:20)


  3. Institutional accountability within our own organization and our larger community
    Do not stand idly by–לא תעמד על-דם רעך—(Leviticus 19:16)

Virtual Program Library

Jewish Community Relations Council – Director

Marcy L. Paul, PhD

Phone: 937-401-1541

JFS and JCRC Racial Justice Alliance Support the Femme Aid Collaborative

Period Poverty is Real and Pervasive! Help our community by donating in June. JFS Partners with...

Jewish Community Relations Council Statement on the Death of George Floyd

In Leviticus, the Torah tells us, “Do not stand idly by when your neighbor’s blood is shed.”  The...

2020 Yom Hashoah Virtual Observances

While we cannot gather together to honor the lives of those who perished in the Holocaust, please...

COVID-19 Related Update from Ohio Jewish Communities

Since the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic we have been in constant contact with state and federal officials regarding our communities’ needs, issues, priorities, and questions.

Pause with Pittsburgh: Join the Public Memorial Service

One year later, we will take a moment to honor the memory of those we lost and other people who were affected. In solidarity, we ask that you join us in taking a moment to Pause with Pittsburgh. Visit:

Regarding the Upcoming KKK Rally

On May 25th, our community will be tested

Four Questions About Judaism and Antisemitism

The Jewish Community Relations Council is happy to be partnering with YWCA Dayton as part of their 21 Day Racial Equity and Social Justice Challenge.

Cathy’s WHIM – The Power of a Collective Voice

On April 25th, an anti-Semitic cartoon ran in the international edition of the Times, depicting the Prime Minister of Israel as a dog, leading a blind American president wearing a yarmulke. When I was made aware of this disturbing cartoon, I was deeply bothered.

Saturday’s Events In Poway, CA

In the late afternoon of April 27, one person was killed and at least three others wounded when a gunman opened fire at worshipers in a Chabad synagogue in Poway, CA, near San Diego.

Partners in Making the World a Better Place

“In response to the unfolding event at Sinai—a Sinai of mind and heart, to be sure—we Israelites said ‘Yes!’ in a firm and committed way.”

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Jewish Observer

The American Jewish Press Association announced June 3 at its annual conference in Nashville that The Dayton Jewish Observer is the recipient of a first-place 2024 Simon Rockower Award for Excellence in Journalism. An article by Editor and Publisher Marshall Weiss in September, Tipp City Board of Ed member regrets The post Dayton Jewish Observer wins first-place award from American Jewish Press Association appeared first on The Dayton Jewish Observer. [...]

Before co-leading Fulbright trip to study Holocaust in Poland, Wittenberg prof. proclaims Israel committing genocide in Gaza

By Marshall Weiss, The Dayton Jewish Observer Associate Prof. of Psychology and Department Chair Michael Anes is a beloved member of the faculty at Wittenberg University in Springfield. So beloved that the graduating class of 2024 named him an honorary member — the second time he’s received such an honor The post Before co-leading Fulbright trip to study Holocaust in Poland, Wittenberg prof. proclaims Israel committing genocide in Gaza appeared first on The Dayton Jewish Observer. [...]

Local updates connected to the Israel-Hamas war

By Marshall Weiss, The Dayton Jewish Observer ‘We feel you have our back’ “We had been in the restaurant — it was a Friday afternoon bar mitzvah. We work all together, and it was a nice party,” chef/restaurateur Uri Arnon told 150-plus community members after the Israeli dinner he prepared The post Local updates connected to the Israel-Hamas war appeared first on The Dayton Jewish Observer. [...]

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