Did you know that there are over twenty (20!) passion-driven committees that directly affect programing and services you can get involved with through the Jewish Federation of Greater Dayton and its Agencies? If the JCC is your passion, get involved with A Night in Vegas, Youth, Teen, and Family, and more. If you want to continue providing the best resources to seniors and those in need? Plug into Jewish Family Services and learn more about how they help the Jewish Dayton community every day.

Every day, in every way, we make Jewish lives better.
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2018 CAMPAIGN PROFILE: Todd Bettman

Todd Bettman started volunteering in his childhood, and jokes that he’s been volunteering since before he was born, since his parents were so involved in the community.

Leading the Way

As individuals, our interests and passions vary. One’s ability to take a piece of their passion and give it to an organization through volunteer work is such an amazing gift.

Paying it Forward for Future Generations

On December 2, 1987, the names of 20 individuals were presented to the Jewish Federation of Greater Dayton’s Board as the proposed Board of Trustees for the newly formed Jewish Foundation.

The Heart of a Volunteer

In the world of JCCs, volunteers are vital. Without the “strong heart” of our volunteers, the body of our organization simply would not function.

Why I volunteer

Die-hard baseball fans are, among other things, dedicated, loyal and passionate. They will do anything to support their team. Our volunteers are a lot like this, including one of our biggest fans, Audrey Tuck.

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