Photo Caption: Jodi Phares on her way to Israel, making the best of her layover on the NYC Subway

Jodi in Israel: Episode One

After 13 years with the Jewish Federation, the unflappable Jodi Phares is embarking on her FIRST trip to Israel! Join in on the experience as she details her visit to our Western Galilee Partnership2Gether region and brings our overseas connections a little closer to home.  

EPISODE ONE: The Adventure Begins!
Photo Caption: Jodi Phares on her way to Israel, making the best of her layover on the NYC Subway 

Jodi in Israel: Episode Twelve

Episode 12: The End! (or is it?!)

I have been back in Dayton for a few days now and I have had some time to reflect and savor my first trip to Israel.  I can tell you it was nothing that I expected and everything exceeded my expectations.  The people of Israel were so warm and welcoming and I was struck by the unrelenting gratitude of all of the people who benefit from the support of Partnership2Gether. 

Jodi in Israel: Episode Four

Episode Four: David Moss-Illuminator, Animator and Transformer of Jewish Texts, Objects, Spaces and Souls

We woke this morning to an extraordinary crisp, blue-sky day and I was thankful for the turn in the weather as Cathy and I had an exciting visit planned for the morning.

So, what do two gals from Dayton do in Jerusalem on a gorgeous day? Why they walk to the artist’s colony near the old city to meet up with Dayton’s own David Moss.